Departments & services for patients research & trials education find a doctor department of otorhinolaryngology department home > base > you are here home about us faculty patient care education research & clinical trials providers and locations audiology balance center cranial base surgery facial plastic and reconstructive surgery general otolaryngology head and neck cancer surgery rhinology (sino-nasal conditions and surgery) otology/neurotology smell and taste disorders speech-language pathology transoral robotic surgery benefits what to expect before tors staging endoscopy for appropriate patient selection after tors staged neck dissection after tors postoperative radiation after tors tors for sleep apnea news patient testimonials frequently asked questions team locations travel information history of tors voice, speech and swallowing disorders for patients make an appointment encyclopedia articles about ear, nose and throat what to expect from transoral robotic surgery (tors) what is a neck dissection and why might the patient need this? viagra coupon A neck dissection is used to remove the lymph nodes in the neck for cancers of the throat and voice box. viagra for sale This is done through a neck incision and is not done robotically. buy generic viagra online In the vast majority of cases, this can be accomplished with a “selective” neck dissection that allows for removal of mainly fat and lymph nodes with preservation of other important neck structures. order viagra online These are reconstructed in a very cosmetic fashion. viagra before and after pics In addition, even if a patient were to choose no transoral robotic surgery and was treated with chemoradiation for the throat, many patients would still need or opt for a neck dissection at the end of chemoradiation. ingredients viagra women Dr. youtube funny viagra ads Weinstein and o'malley et al recently reported on 100% control in the operated necks of patients with advanced orpopharyngeal cancer that underwent tors and selective neck dissection. buy viagra without prescription How is it determined if the patient needs a neck dissection? consumer reviews of viagra If a patient has a benign tumor or disease, a neck dissection will not be necessary. generic viagra free shipping A patient that has a cancer of the throat might either have neck lymph nodes involved by the cancer or be at risk for getting lymph nodes involved by the cancer. youtube funny viagra ads If the patient has a cancer that already involves lymph nodes or doesn't have any nodes (lumps in the neck) on scans or to touch, but has a cancer which is at high risk of involving the lymph nodes, then it will be recommended that, following tors, a neck dis. viagra super active avis

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